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Find the best things to do on Rhodes island!

Rhodes City Tour


You can get the Bus City Tour in Rhodes Town. Take the full route which lasts 70 minutes and stop at any of the 11 stops visiting the important historical and cultural monuments of Rhodes along the way.


Don’t miss the chance to visit the Aquarium, the port of Mandraki, the Government buildings, the New Market, the Old Town with the Palace of the Great Magister, the New Marina, the hill of Monte Smith with the Acropolis of the Ancient city of Rhodes, the Temple of God Apollonas, the Ancient Theatre and the Ancient Stadium.

History of Rhodes in 9D Entertainment Center



Throne of Helios offers a journey in the mythology and the history of Rhodes. 

The Throne of Helios is a modern entertainment center for families, which combines a cinema hall, a thematic area, historical exhibits and screenings.




Lindos is the most picturesque archaeological city on the island of Rhodes, located about 50 kilometers southeast of the island’s center.

A good reason to visit Lindos is the Acropolis of Lindos, the amazing ancient temple. You will find many restaurants and cafes there and Saint Paul Beach is a MUST!


The Archaeological Museum of Rhodes is located in the Old Town. The museum is housed in the medieval Hospital of the Knights Hospitaller Order of Saint John (1309-1522).

The Museum of Modern Greek Art is located in the city of Rhodes.

Butterfly Valley - Seven Springs


In Butterfly Valley you will meet a wonderful colorful butterflies and you will feel the peace comes from the unique nature. This place is 15km away from the city of Rhodes.

Seven Springs an incredible nature environment in a wonderful location with palm trees, many pines and lake you can see geese, ducks and peacocks. You can find this place 30km from the city of Rhodes.

You can have also day trips to other islands


There are many islands that you can visit from Rhodes.

Daily trips from Rhodes in islands such as Chalki, Kastellorizo, Symi, 

Daily boats you will find in the Central Port of the town.

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